Building Information Modeling

BIM, the processing, combining and linking of alphanumerical as well as graphical building data spans the whole lifecycle of a building. Open, non-proprietary standards are essential to exploit the full potential of this way of working in the building and construction industry with it's multitude of participants. That's why openBIM is a key factor to AEC3.


BIM for Clients

If you as a client like to achieve the benefits of BIM, the consciously dealing with BIM is a fundamental requirement. You should be familiar to the basic knowledge of the methodology, to be able to ask the right questions and demands, and then to evaluate the answers and results. AEC3, with their many years of experience, supports in positioning you in this important topic, developing the right strategies and advantageously utilizing BIM for you.


BIM for product manufacturers

More and more clients ask you as a product manufacturer, if you couldn't offer your products as BIM compliant files? What does that mean? How can you prepare for that? AEC3 has worked with renowned product manufacturers before. Thus, AEC3 can help you as well to find your way through this increasingly important topic and to position yourself in a BIM environment.


BIM Reference Processes for Design, Construction and Facility Management

Do you know how your design and construction processes really take place and how these processes can be coordinated with other project stakeholders? The implementation of more efficient and leaner processes requires this understanding, and the full potential of integrated way of working with BIM is revealed only with the improvement of the workflow.


BIMQ - The BIM Requirements and Quality Management Database

Creation and management of the Employer’s Information Requirements (EIR) take too much time and effort without supporting software and generally still captured analogously and handed over to project participants. In order to cope with the complexity of information requirements efficiently, AEC3 developed the database for Requirements and Quality Management BIMQ.


BIM Guidelines

We support you in phrasing and establishing BIM regulations and requirements in the form of BIM guidelines, BIM object catalogues or reports. In view of the fact that we have been working in the international BIM environment for many years, we can offer you a solid foundation of this planning and working method and facilitate its handling.


BIM Quality Control

We offer you a quality control of your building information models in all planning phases. We check the completeness of the contained information according to BIM guidelines and the suitability as base data for your follow-up processes. We also check the correctness of the data transfer using the openBIM format IFC.


BIM Management

We support you during building projects in formulating and performing BIM management tasks. BIM management is a new role in building projects, which are using the BIM process. The task is to centrally coordinate the project participants' BIM processes like merging the architecture, the HVAC and the civil engineering models.


IFC Implementation

We advise you on suitable tools, to be able to work as a software developer with BIM. We show you what's necessary to make a start and how best you can reach your goals. Together we set up a roadmap, which shows you the possible steps ranging from a simple feasibility study and the first prototypes to a certified software product.


Research & Development

The development of the BIM approach and its corresponding specifications and solutions is mainly fostered by research. It is our goal, to participate regularly in innovative research projects, to enhance the planning process of buildings in all its diversity by using buildingSMART's openBIM standards.


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